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Alviero Martini bag, luggage and belt

A name that needs no introduction, just look at the splendid bags and accessories of its timeless collections to understand who we are talking about. The story of a fashion brand that began in the 1980s and is still a symbol of modernity. Alviero Martini decides to decorate a suitcase by impressing an old map making it the protagonist of an entire showcase: this is how the magical story of the Italian brand begins. From that moment, the idea to launch the line of Alviero Martini bags and luggage with a geographical print that quickly became iconic, unmistakable and successful. This is how the 1° Classe line was born in 1991. The DNA of this brand is imbued with class and quality, with a look towards the future, in respect of the classic artisan excellence. Alviero Martini, with its accessories, has been able to build a real empire, famous all over the world.
The collections of Prima Classe bags with their irresistible Geo texture never tire: every season the Milanese brand offers items with an innovative and attractive design, the map is an indispensable constant that allows you to always be recognizable and to remain faithful to the Italian style. It is with Alviero Martini bags that a new travel concept is introduced that has conquered the stars of the world, a hymn to modernity, to dynamism and to the discovery of new worlds. If instead it is the metropolitan jungle, your natural habitat, the Prima Classe bags are developed in different collections that have versatility and style as words of order: in this way it is really easy to complete every kind of look. Any product, an accessory, such as the Alviero Martini handbag, wallet, or a travel luggage, is unquestionably a unique, unrepeatable piece. It is a style, strongly characterized by the GEO maps with colonial print, by refined workmanship and extremely accurate details. Starting from the Geo base, the brand has also developed other lines such as the Geo Ricamo, where flowers seem to blossom on the iconic geographic map. But Alviero Martini handbags are not just a Geo print, they are also the fantastic Viva La Vida, a true hymn to color, joy and spring. The bags in this collection are inspired by an ancient Mexican decorative technique, otomi, which mixes subjects of flora and fauna, giving a fresh and lively effect. For those who love the monochrome, Alviero Martini dedicated a collection with an inviting name: The Alegria Smile. How to resist the temptation to buy them: apart from the name, Alegria Smile bags are the perfect synthesis of refinement, glamor and quality. The processing of the fabric of this line gives us a wavy effect that recalls a sense of harmony and delicacy. The nuances complete the effect, recalling a sensation of unparalleled lightness. Each Alviero Martini bag is unique: in its style, in its details, in the care taken in the work that only a great brand can reserve for its products. And this is how its accessories are able to challenge the passing of time and become classics of Italian fashion.

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