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American Tourister luggage: quality and design

In the world of travel and luggage, American Tourister is without any doubt one of the most popular and most successful brands. This of the American brand is a singular and curious story, which sees its origins in 1933 in Providence, when its founder, Sol Koffler, decides to realize a dream: to produce sturdy suitcases to sell for only 1 dollar. Koffler immediately invests in technology and commits its resources in the search for innovative materials. In the 40s the first air travels begin and the need is felt for hard case, light and resistant luggage to be able to travel safely and in comfort. American Tourister luggage responded quickly to these needs, with products already in line with the demands of new travelers: this is how the legendary Hi-Taper is born, a practical, lightweight suitcase with modern lines. Throughout its history, American Tourister suitcases have always stood out for their great research and the use of quality materials, with the result of producing suitcases and travel accessories that are not only robust and safe, but also beautiful to look at and with shapes and full lines of style. Distinctive and dynamic designs, bright and trendy colors, fantastic prints, impeccable finishes: American Tourister suitcases immediately capture attention at first glance, and their use definitely conquers the hearts of travelers. Today suitcases are available in a wide range of sizes and models that come in both for those who need large and practical luggage, and for travelers who want to carry their luggage with them in the aircraft cabin.

American Tourister suitcase: the best baggage for long journey

Beautiful and colorful, the American Tourister suitcases are the ideal baggage for your medium and long-term travels. The wide selection is divided between hard shell and soft shell suitcases. As for the former, the collection features a range of bright and fun colors in the Bon Air, Tracklite, Palm Valley lines and the brand new Soundbox, which is part of the expandable American Tourister series of suitcases and is a real must for the line : its name is already a clear reference to music and rhythm as well as the presence, on the shell, of fanciful concentric circles reminiscent of the good old vinyl records. Its great strengths are therefore the design but also the expandability, a feature that allows to increase the internal capacity. The Soundbox line is available in many striking and fascinating color variations. Another irresistible American Tourister suitcase model is the Lock'N'Roll spinner: made of polypropylene, a material that gives great lightness and consistency, this luggage has a unique design characterized by strong colors and curved lines, and 4 multidirectional wheels that ensure great agility and freedom of movement.

American Tourister carry on luggage: take it with you in the aircraft cabin

For shorter journeys, such as weekends away from home or holidays of a few days, the best choice is to purchase American Tourister carry on luggage. Practical and designed, its dimensions respect the parameters of the low-cost airlines so you can take it with you in the cabin without further thoughts. This line of American Tourister suitcases is available in hard and soft cases, monochromatic or patterned to suit all tastes, so anyone can find the model that best suits their needs. In the assorted collection of American Tourister hand luggage we find, among others, Bon Air, rigid shell, as well as one of the leading models of this brand. It has an impeccable design, a solid shock-proof and anti-deterioration shell, four wheels for easy transport and excellent space organization. The Pasadena carry on suitcase, is the flagship of American Tourister hand luggage, also boasts a square design that ensures large capacity, a sturdy hard shell, but it is also super light and practical to carry. Those who prefer soft cases luggage will be satisfied with Herolite, whose small size makes it super light, but at the same time well organized and spacious inside. Among others you will also find models decorated with Marvel, Star Wars and Disney characters that will make the little ones very happy.