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Bags for women: choose the one you deserve

Bags, they are the ultimate accessory, they have always been the object of desire in the female universe. They pamper and accompany you, when you are away from home both for work and leisure and are one of those objects that women particularly love, there is an important world industry that takes care of interpreting their tastes and needs, dozens of designers who make their talent available to meet the appreciation of the female world. The result is that the offer of this article is more and more varied both in the shapes and in the sizes, but also in the materials and in the choice of colors; therefore new trends are constantly affirming that it is increasingly complex to make available to the female public, in a complete and satisfactory manner. Women's bags represent a lot of the personality of the wearer. Mood and time often change your mind when choosing between bags in a closet. Always by your side, at the theater, at the cinema or on vacation, they never leave you alone. The b3ndy window is unique and extraordinarily inviting. Unbeatable in its wide choice is the offer of Italian bags. We want to face this challenge with a strong heart, to continue building our future. Our story has been about leather bags for sixty years and they talk about us. In our laboratory we have been producing them for almost forty years, starting in 1960. Bags for women that we have sold with passion and dedication in our stores since 1989. We have always tried to have the best of the brands offered by the market. Constantly attentive to the evolution of the changing reality. We work carefully in search of quality bags with varied price ranges. Today we continue on the high road, starting from the internationally known brand, the timeless Furla. Continuing with Coccinelle and the splendid bags by Pinko, Patrizia Pepe, Moschino, Liu Jo and Gabs. In the b3ndy online store you will find expertise, assistance and collaboration for your choices. You can choose our bags from your home or office or from anywhere in the world. Our mission is to sell beautiful, functional and quality bags to meet the needs of women. the online store of the best Italian and foreign brands of bags and accessories.