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Cabin luggage: your journey deserve the right one

Traveling: a true passion! In a world where distances are getting shorter and shorter, it is difficult to resist the eternal desire of man: to reach different destinations, visit new places or even, why not, return to the cities that most we love. In a few hours we can be anywhere, just pack the essential and go. If the journey lasts only a few days, the cabin luggage is ideal because it allows you to travel more comfortably and save money. The section of our website dedicated to carry on luggage is particularly rich in models among which you can find the one that best meets your needs. We can guide you in the choice of your hand luggage taking into account some key features such as material, portability, practicality and of course the appeal. We are talking about material: among rigid materials, polycarbonate guarantees incredible lightness, great resistance to impact and high elasticity, while polypropylene offers maximum resistance at the expense of, perhaps, lightness but is practically indestructible. Among the rigid baggage we must not forget those made of Curv, very light and elastic, synonymous with Samsonite. The fabrics used in the soft or semi-rigid models are nylon or polyester and are all waterproof as well as being very resistant. The practicality and portability of our hand luggage are guaranteed by wheels and towing handles. The baggage can have 2, 4 or 4 pairs of wheels and, while the two wheels are recessed and therefore less subject to blows, the four wheels are more comfortable in the sections that require long journeys on foot and are very useful on trains or in spaces small and crowded. The pull handles must have a comfortable and rapid extraction, better then if equipped with the one-touch system placed on the handle. Some hand luggage, particularly the soft and semi-rigid ones, have very useful external pockets for storing items or documents that you can immediately have available. Another important feature is the internal part of the luggage which, in a small space, must be able to accommodate everything that can be used for our journey. It is therefore better to opt for baggage that has internal dividing pockets and the basic clothes-restraining straps, excellent for keeping garments still and compact even when the luggage is in a vertical position. We arrive at the appeal that, beyond the technical and practical aspects of baggage, plays a very important role. The various brands offer a wide range of colors and patterns that are truly irresistible. And then we just have to choose the one that suits us and go on our journey.
First of all, pay attention to the measures; most of the airlines allow you to bring into the cabin only one hand luggage with a maximum size of 55x40x20 cm and a weight not exceeding 10 Kg. The advice is to consult the web pages of each company to know the specifications and be sure to leave peacefully and avoid unpleasant surprises when boarding. If measures are difficult to take, much can be done on weight. In fact, when buying a cabin luggage, it is better to choose a light one so that you can use the weight for your belongings. Ok so now you're ready to leave, but if you have any doubts, to avoid unpleasant surprises, remember to weigh your hand luggage before leaving home.