Casual and classy: here's to you Coccinelle Arlettis

Casual and classy: here's to you Coccinelle Arlettis

Also for this autumn/winter 2019/2020 season, the Coccinelle brand has decided to give us great news and collections always with a bon-ton, fresh, sober design. The refinement of the silhouettes and the high quality of the leathers are undisputed trademarks of the Coccinelle brand. One of the spearheads of its entire team of bags is of course (well) represented by the Coccinelle Arlettis line.

Historic and loved also by Hollywood stars, Coccinelle Arlettis bags are popular - and so much - because they are simple, without frills, without showy details, but really chic and full of style.

Coccinelle offers us 2 versions for Arlettis: the classic handbag, larger and complete with shoulder strap, and the clutch bag.

Coccinelle Arlettis clutch bag under the magnifying glass!

With that slightly retro, slightly romantic, decidedly fashionable air, the Coccinelle Arlettis clutch bags are made of prestigious tumbled effect leather, shiny and soft. At the rear, they have ton sur ton finishes, which underline the glamorous design of the bag.

Mini, but not minuscule, Coccinelle Arlettis are flat clutches, small but not too small, capable of containing everything needed for a ceremony, an evening or a simple walk. Certainly it will be impossible to bring your very fond 6x3 super thick wallet with you too - the one that is about to burst and that still retains the precious cinema tickets of 2010 and the supermarket receipts - but it is a large clutch bag that makes you love because very well organized with pockets and zips.

The shoulder strap is removable, so it is okay to wear crossbody. The closure is with flap and interlocking clip in logoed metal.

Coccinelle Arlettis: in-store lines and our favorite specials

On B3ndy, as always, many discounts also on the splendid Coccinelle Arlettis bags. Available in our store the classic leather clutch in the noir and pivoine variants, a bright old rose, very elegant.

Among the goodies of the new season of Coccinelle bags here are the Arlettis Python clutches in the New Roccia, Evergreen and Caramel versions: all with ultra-shiny and tremendously fashionable python print greopolis, closure with gold-colored buckle and removable shoulder strap. To differentiate them are the shades chosen to decline the Python texture: colder shades for the New Roccia, Evergreen in shades of olive green and Caramel with its warmer and more enveloping shades.

Coccinelle Arlettis bags: how do I match them?

Nothing could be simpler: with their clean and classic lines, Coccinelle bags lend themselves to be worn with any outfit. They are not excessively elegant, so they also go well with daily casual looks: jeans or miniskirt, ankle boots or sneakers, maxi coat and your Arlettis crossbody clutch and go!

Alternatively, they are also good for an evening look, a not too formal event, a party: just remove the shoulder strap and you will have a new bag to show off.