Coccinelle bags brand new autumn-winter collections!

Coccinelle bags brand new autumn-winter collections!

Today we want to take you with us to discover the brand new autumn-winter 2019/2020 bags collections proposed by one of our flagship brands: do you need any clues? Well, we can tell you that the brand is proudly Made In Italy, from Parma with fury, since 1978 it’s the absolute symbol of the luxury style that does not exaggerate neither with pomp nor with prices: we are talking about Coccinelle!

Among the various selection of Coccinelle bags on our online store, amazing sales on the most beloved it-girls models like the delicious Ambrine, the iconic Arlettis and Zaniah, the passepartout bag you've been looking for.
If you are already on vacation or are about to leave for your next adventure, take a few minutes to take a sneak peek at the wonderful Fall / Winter 2019-2020 collections of Coccinelle on B3ndy!

For the next season, Coccinelle has decided to astonish its most loyal admirers focusing on new designs and exclusive fantasies. No doubts that the quality of the raw materials used to create Coccinelle bags is always super high, perfect as we already know and love: innovation, tradition and a touch of vintage that once again merge to create authentic and unquestionably appealing accessories.

Let's start talking about the new Coccinelle Croco line: an original, precious, glamorous mini-bag. The shape is rectangular with rounded corners, very remarkable is the crocus print combined with a shiny color palette (an already successful experiment: do you remember the mini Arlettis by Coccinelle?): unique and shiny, you can choose between black, gold or silver! Wearing a Coccinelle Greez Croco Silver - by hand or over your shoulder - will be like wearing the most precious of your jewels. It's minimal but gritty, this bag lights up every outfit and makes you shine and stand out from the crowd. All the bags of Coccinelle Croco line have a handle, a removable and adjustable shoulder strap with buckle and a jewel closure: style, elegance and comfort, what else?

After Croco, it's up to the Coccinelle Sonny Square Tiles Print collection to make its triumphal entry among the new Coccinelle bags. Well, this line is really noteworthy too. The bucket design is the same we had already seen around, but this time Coccinelle bags decided to focus on the maximum of refinement with a mini bucket in tumbled leather with vichy print: a bon ton and vintage touch, the colors are beige and blue. You can choose to carry it by hand or over the shoulder, in both cases the result will be fabulous: a super classy bag, in soft pastel colors, perfect for autumn.

And then, last but not least, the Coccinelle Didi Tiles Print shoulder bag line: classic, comfortable and stylish like few others. Coccinelle decided to revive the vichy plot, a must for next season. Ideal for urban chic and work looks, it is impossible to miss this gem of Coccinelle with a soft design and fascinating details. A lively and trendy accessory, thanks to its multicolor fantasy: the main color is the dark olive green, present on the vichy weft, on the handles and on the sides. Leather details, including a pretty triangular leather pendant with button closure. From a practical point of view, this Coccinelle bag is large and spacious, with internal pockets and zip closures. What to say? It is the ideal accessory to accompany you during all your daily routine!

And you, which of the new collections of Coccinelle bags do you prefer? Browse our catalog and you will surely find your new heart bag!