Furla Leather crossbody bag Metropolis

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Icon of one of the most important brands of Italian leather goods, the Metropolis by Furla shoulder strap continues to be one of the most popular fashion-women’s crossbody bags around the world. The style of Furla bags is unmistakable and is synonymous with originality, quality and reliability. Each Furla creation reflects the philosophy of this company that over the years has never forgotten its craftsmanship. Indeed, its origins are one of the strong points of the italian brand, able to combine tradition and innovation to offer ever more exclusive bags and accessories. Holding a  bag or wallet Furla means to have in your wardrobe a precious object to show off at any time. Among the Furla leather crossbody bags, Metropolis is surely the most well known and sought after. Maison's designers have created a model capable of expressing joy, elegance, and authenticity. The success of this fantastic mini crossbody bag is attributed to several factors including design, with clean and essential lines, material that is 100% leather and finishes, made to the rule of the art. But let's go back to the material for a moment. Furla chooses for her Metropolis calfskin and makes special workings from which it obtains the saffiano effect, the texturized, the ayer and many others. To make our Furla shoulder bag stay beautiful for a long time, we have to follow some tricks. It is important, for example, to avoid exposure to water, contact with oily substances or with cosmetics that can stain and ruin the skin. Also, if we don’t use the bag for a few days, it is best to put it in the protective cover provided. Small gestures that can guarantee a long service life. In the latest collections, Furla has also included some trend models, made of rubber or fabric. There is another element that makes the mini bag irresistible and is the color. The IT bag Furla has an incredible variety of mono or multicolored colors ranging from lilac to  to petal white to mention some of the most trendy nuances. There are also beautiful prints, including those with a Jungle or floral theme. The Metropolis is a minimalist bag but perfect for holding essential things like keys, wallet, smartphone or mini-trousse, an indispensable item for girls who love to be always at the top at any time of the day. Small but infinitely comfortable, practical and very versatile. The mini bag Furla fits, even enhances, any out-fit and is a great ally for both everyday wear and sparkling evenings. The Furla mini crossbody bag con be worn on shoulder or, for those who love an easy look, on bandolier. This way is very cool and leaves greater freedom of movement. The shoulder straps, all removable, are a decorative element. They are of different types and range from the small chain  to those In leather, with très chic buckles. Completing this mythical handbag is the metal push-lock, branded, closing mechanism but symbol of excellence in a line that speaks Italian around the world: the Metropolis by Furla line.


Article: BGZ27

Product line: Metropolis

Product model: crossbody bag

Material: leather

Type of closure: metallic push-lock

Lenght: 16.80 cm

Height: 12.00 cm

Depth: 8.00 cm

Warrancy: 24 months