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Gabs Bags

Gabs is the emblem of originality and eccentricity: never ordinary. If you are looking for a genuine Italian bag, the Florentine firm know how to amaze and make you to fall in love. A young brand that in a few years has managed to conquer great space in the world of Italian leather bags: Gabs was born in 2000 from the creativity and genius of the Florentine Franco Gabrielli. The brand strengths are certainly the impressive prints, sometimes very colorful but always distinctive, a tribute to Italian joy of living and style. Another great advantage is the high versatility of Gabs bags, a fundamental characteristic that translates into transformability and multi-functionality. With the G3 line, in fact, the brand introduces a new concept of bag, the transformable one. Many bags in one, a single container that changes shape according to the taste and needs of those who use it. With a few simple moves, thanks to the functional and iconic turquoise clips, it is possible to have one, two, three bag models available. A very practical shopping turns into a fashion hobo or a very pretty trunk. Choose the Gabs accessory that best suits your look or mood, every day! Practical, fun, colorful, innovative, the Gabs bags never get tired! Even the material with which they are made, PVC, is characterized by practicality and is the perfect base to welcome the colors - infinite - and the prints that Gabs chooses for its products. The offer of the Made in Italy brand is very articulate and rich in particular models. Discover also the beautiful collections designed for each wallet, combined with bag prints. As already mentioned, one of the flagship lines is the G3 Studio, where graphic and geometric motifs offer a truly fantastic play of contrasts. The prints in this collection depict ultra-suggestive images and places captured through photographs and reproduced on the rubberized material. Pieces of the world imprinted on the bags, unique and inimitable postcards to be jealously guarded. Very glam is the collection of bags that Gabs has dedicated to the legendary Fiat 500 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the most famous Fiat car. The bags of the G3 Studio Fiat line certainly do not go unnoticed showing off subjects such as lights, mirrors, wheels, tachometers, details rich in color and imagination. The world of Gabs bags is for those who love the different, for those who have no age and for those who love to talk about themselves with taste and irony.