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we are citizens of the world, that's why we have created this site, to serve women and men wherever they are. We are also Italian, our city is Milan, we love beauty and we know how it is made, for this reason we select the best of made in Italy production. The Italian leather bags that we offer represent the most genuine artisan production of the manufacturing districts of the Bel Paese. Made by skilled artisan hands whose secrets are handed down and lost in the memory of the centuries. So an Italian leather bag is a piece of Italy that you carry with you, because it's history, it's tradition, is the love for beauty that every authentic passion can achieve. When you choose an Italian leather bag, you have the opportunity to share all this, not just a simple product, but the culture and style of a people surrounded by artistic treasures wherever the eyes stop.
It's not just a question of style and product quality, design, attention to small details, in short, what everyone expects from a product made in Italy, also when you buy Italian leather you make a choice for the environment, for the future of the planet in favor of eco-sustainable productions. The Italian tanning of Veneto, Tuscan and Campania production districts are in fact avant-garde in the world for the use of low environmental impact technologies, investing about 5% of the turnover in this field every year, and they are the only ones in the world capable to guarantee the very high quality standards required by the luxury industry.