Mandarina Duck


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Mandarina Duck is famous for having introduced a new concept in the world of leather goods. In an industry dominated by traditional and monochromatic items, Mandarina began by introducing an innovative element: color. His first line, Utility, sported a series of bags and accessories characterized by a fantastic polychrome. A winning idea that of color, which has allowed the company to establish itself for its informal style and become one of the most representative brands of Made in Italy. All his creations are accompanied by Anatra Mandarina, the witty and seductive icon that confirms the easy and casual style of the brand. Every year Mandarina Duck offers collections rich in trendy items, which interpret the desire to always be cool. The practical and light bags, the timeless backpacks and accessories stand out for their fresh and irresistible appeal, thanks to which every look is transformed and acquires a touch of originality. But the success of Mandarina is also based on high quality standards. A Mandarina product must be practical, functional, robust. These characteristics are the basis of the company philosophy. The refined design of the Mandarina Duck bags and accessories is combined with the light and resistant material that guarantees maximum comfort. Everyday life is made of movement, the opportunities to move are endless and Mandarina Dack, with its vast production offers the most suitable solutions. Mandarina creates the perfect accessory for our days, for business, for travel, unique moments to live with style and personality.