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What is the history of the Pinko bags brand?

Founded in the 1980s, Pinko bags brand is a wonderful adventure undertaken by the Italian stylists Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini who, in Fidenza, near Parma, decided to create a strong, trendy and faithful supporter of Made in Italy.

The name is born in a joking and casual way, from the ironic phrase of the founder: "We were nobody then, Mr ... Pinko pallino precisely", or rather, in italian language, "somebody who doesn't have any importance". From there they entered fully into the sector, becoming immediately recognizable and becoming someone who has importance.

Precious materials, original prints and luxurious details like pearls, studs and rhinestones have made Pinko bags real must haves. You would want to have them all! Pinko bags are among the most popular accessories of the moment, designed for women who love to amaze and enrich their clothing with an exclusive, elegant accessory with a strong personality.

Pinko is therefore positioned as an enterprising and young brand, with a proposal of top accessories and always elegant.

What are the main features of the Pinko bags?

Made for strong, energetic and fascinating women, the design of these bags is the result of numerous collaborations with great stylists, and they are recognized for the originality and character of the gritty accessories. The Maison has always wanted to create a clear image of the identity of its brand, symbolized for example by the iconic logo of the two swallows that meet in flight, which embellishes Pinko bags with style.

The colors of the articles are lively, cheerful and always in step with the latest trends. The combinations of fabrics and materials, from velvet to canvas, to fine calf leather are always designed to achieve stunning combinations.

Why are Pinko collections so loved by women?

The models of bags of the Emilian brand immediately strike the attention and hearts of women who want to be noticed strightaway, without renouncing femininity and elegance. The whole brand is centered on the tradition and quality typical of Italian craftsmanship, known and appreciated throughout the world.

One of the most representative brands of Made in Italy, Pinko bags has always been able to interpret women's tastes, offering sophisticated accessories capable of reflecting its uniqueness and originality.

The fine leather and the materials used, combined with the rhinestones and patterns created, have allowed the creation of an accessory with an explosive and trendy look, able to combine the style needs of every woman.