Pinko Love Bag


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Pinko Love Bag: feminine and eclectic

Too beautiful to be true? Nope, Pinko Love Bags are real and they never stop making us dream!
Take a look to the Pinko collections that has wide range of models, season after season: trendy satchel bags, high quality leather, magic colours and precious details. Why choose the Love Bag Pinko? The list of reason could be infinity!
If you are looking for a pretty satchel bag, practical and adaptable to your outfits, you should choose the Pinko Love satchel bag! The best feature is the versatility: you can wear during your morning or your shopping afternoon but is also perfect for crazy nights. And if you receive a last call, don’t be worried, you don’t need to change accessory or outfit, you can always count on your Pinko Love Bag because it’s combinable with any look in a perfect way. This is the reason for which the Pinko bags are the best allies.
From the tiny Pinko Love bag enriched with jewel closure and the chain metal satchel bag even easier to carry, the most iconic is the “Pinko Love Simply” bag: this irresistible model is distinguished for its simple design that make these accessories the most desired from the fashion victims worldwide. Romantic women will fall in love for the Love Velvet Pearls: Original model made of velvet. It has simple and refined lines but it has also the studs that make this accessory one of the beautiful Pinko Love bags with an incredible rock style. If you want to dare without being rude, the Python satchel bag is the best choice in the Pinko Love bag collection.
In this 2019 the animal style is really appreciated and this leather model is always judged fashionable and trendy without be excessive: goal has been achieved! In the Pinko Love bag B3ndy catalogue you can find them all: enjoy it and order the accessory the suits you best!