Samsonite Duffle bag

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Those who love to travel they cannot but fall in love with a Samsonite duffle bag. Designed for those who live each trip as an adventure, they are the ideal accessories to travel around the world, relying on their comfort and safety. The main collection of Samsonite duffle bags is the Paradiver Light, a real flagship flower of the american’s brand, which focused on original materials and sport design to get a luggage that is the best ally of any frequent flyer. The Samsonite Paradiver hold all bag is lightweight, a feature that makes it the best choice for those who do not want to give up anything when it comes to leaving. But it's also a detail that will make it perfect for transport in cabin: the smaller size meets the standards of many airlines, and will allow you to take your flight without fear of unforeseen or sanctioning. A Samsonite duffle bag are also designed for those who love the most adventurous travels in the wild: the Paradiver that turns into a backpack, thanks to the padded shoulder straps, looks like a normal cabin luggage but hides a dual nature for those who are not afraid of anything. The material with which it is made is, in fact, waterproof and durable, and will make this duffle bag with wheels your perfect travel companion. And those planning a long trip will be able to opt of hold version: spacious and capacious, will allow you to bring what you need and to keep extra space for souvenirs and travel memories. Every Samsonite rolling duffle bag has comfortable wheels, belts for dresses and pockets to organize at best every object.