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Samsonite luggage: a story that has lasted for over a hundred years

Are you ready for your journey? But above all, have you packed your bags with everything you need for your holiday? When it comes to travel, Samsonite is probably the first brand that comes to mind. Founded in Denver in 1910, this brand is not only one of the largest and most popular in luggage and travel accessories sector, but it is also the undisputed leader thanks to the creation of efficient, functional and uniquely designed products. Samsonite luggage are synonymous with reliability, design and technology applied to the world of travel, satisfying lightness and robustness parameters among the best in the industry. For over 100 years Samsonite has been characterized by the use of cutting-edge materials, durable, resistant and for the elegant and refined style of its cases, real style objects.

Samsonite suitcases: capacious but light and resistant luggage

Practical and spacious, the Samsonite suitcases are indispensable allies for the most demanding journeys. The vast choice meets the needs of travelers who want a practical travel accessory without giving up a touch of originality and style. For those who want a large Samsonite suitcase that combines two fundamental features on the road, such as strength and lightness, the choice easily falls on one of the two hard case lines, ideal for easily transporting technological devices or other delicate objects. The strengths of the Samsonite luggage are certainly the ergonomic lines, the soft handle and the four wheels, which guarantee maximum stability and speed in the movements, ideal especially for long journeys.

Samsonite carry on luggage: created to get in with you into the airplane cabin

Relying on a Samsonite carry on luggage is always the best choice for short trips. As is well known, in fact, the current regulations in force of the airlines impose the observance of rigid measures to allow passengers to bring their own luggage on board, placing them in the special luggage compartment. The Samsonite 55 cm suitcase collections comply with these guidelines with the aim of creating safe, durable and practical products by offering a wide range of suitcases made of materials such as polycarbonate, polypropylene, fabric, with 2 or 4 wheels, without forgetting the innovative Curve technology, ultra-resistant to impact but extremely light and practical. For shorter trips, choosing Samsonite hand luggage you will meet every need: from compact dimensions to elegant design that does not give up on practicality.
This and much more you can find in our selection of Samsonite suitcases with which to start your trip safe and by showing off travel accessories that will make your holiday unique.