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The Bridge leather bags and accessories: Tuscany quality

An Italian leather bag from The Bridge is forever, a diamond in sector of leather accessories, this brand is loved worldwide. Despite its typically British name, “The Bridge” is an Italian story, more precisely a Tuscany story. The genuine italian leather is the most important character of “The Bridge” collection. This precious material is treated through rigorous Florentine artisan procedures and techniques, but also is using new technologies through which it is possible to make the most vintage appearance of the leather. The Tuscany brand doesn’t need to chase trends because it goes beyond the fashion seasons, it’s a must of the classic style. “The Bridge” leather bags are charming accessories with a strong identity and vintage looks. These leather accessories are embellished with handmade details, making these incredible collections always elegant over time. “The Bridge” brand is a great success with its wide range of travel accessories especially loved by professional worldwide.

Italian leather handbags: style beyoun the fasion

When “The Bridge” timeless style meets a design thought for everyday life, the result are its sophisticated leather handbags. The keyword is capacity, without sacrificing the precious materials that the Florentine brand has always preferred, until it becomes a symbol of their own production. The Bridge collection is rich and versatile: along with models that never pass the aggression of the time, we find innovative lines that will bring out the style of every woman, even in everyday routines. The glamorous example of this philosophy is the Icons model, handbag with shoulder strap, for easy and convenient transportation to suit your needs. This gorgeous handbag has a design inspired by the tradition of handcrafted saddlery, and perfectly combines contemporary style and vintage inspiration.

The Bridge leather crossbody bags

Nothing complements a look like a genuine leather crossbody bags from The Bridge. Refined and timeless, they are an infinitely versatile accessory that can accompany you every day: at work, in your free time and even in the evening. The Bridge collection of crossbody bags includes all sort of models that go from leather messenger bags to leather shoulder bags, all finished to the smallest detail, to guarantee you a recognizable comfort and style. Lovers of a more classic style will love Postina, with simple and functional lines: the flap closure makes it a model that is always up to date.

The Bridge leather briefcase: no pros can resist it

The classic and elegant style of The Bridge leather briefcase never sets. Once you have chosen the model that best suits your needs, you will never abandon it: the precious materials, the fine details and the design that never goes out of fashion will win you over. The Bridge has thought of everyone, creating leather briefcases ideal for every pros, it will be the first mate into your office. Documents, technological devices and any tool that is useful for your profession is safe with your Italian leather briefcase from The Bridge.

Leather wallets The Bridge: Tuscany tradition for men and women

Completing your look with The Bridge italian leather wallet is an idea that will ensure an enviable style and unmistakable elegance every year. The choice of models that the Florentine brand makes available is vast, able to satisfy every need: from the leather wallet equipped with the minimal card holder, to the document holder or the vertical wallet, anyone can easily find their favorite accessory. The Bridge range men's leather wallet as well as the offer of leather wallets for women is wide and complete, designed to meets your desire.